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Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Certified Chief Innovation Officer

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Certified Chief Innovation Officer Certification Program

Create. Like No One Else.

Where does the future lie? What is the next revolution that is heading towards us to sweep us off our feet?

One word. Innovation.

Innovation is the new black. In today’s world, survival is innovation. The future of any company depends on its ability to adapt, create and present. At the center of it all lies innovation. In this race to excellence, how does one obtain an edge over the others?

Innovation has escaped the edges of the drawing board and rushed into our lives as part of the digital era we live in. We are touched by innovation with every phone call, every drive home, every wash cycle, and all the while not even realizing it.

Innovation is not merely putting two and two together. It is the process of understanding whether the question seeks the sum of the two, or asks for an equation to define four. In the latter, your possibilities are endless.

The innovators will be the survivors. The innovators will be the creators.

The Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO) program is a two day course of high standard innovation training for corporate executives seeking to understand the key concepts involved in elevating their establishments to higher strata.
Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Certified Chief Innovation Officer
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Why CCIO? Why Rocheston?

The Certified Chief Innovation Officer program is an innovative and certified program developed by Rocheston. The CCIO program equips you with the skillset needed to deal with the globalizing world, and keep up with the changing times. CCIO will cultivate an innate sense of reasoning within you. You can finally realize the outside of the box, if you have spent too much time in the darkness. The course will mold and sharpen your innovative abilities, collaborative techniques, critical reasoning and creative capabilities, guiding you towards excellence in your business.

Rocheston’s carefully designed program is a precise and comprehensive course designed to impart the best of knowledge with regard to innovation. This program is different from any other as we at Rocheston believe in creating excellence, and maintaining standards. The objective extends beyond the framework of the program and towards building a global standard for innovation. The course will lend you a certificate and label as a Certified Chief Innovation Officer. Apart from being a value addition to your profile, it will create a breed of thinkers who will change the world.
Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Certified Chief Innovation Officer
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Benefits of Innovation Training

Innovation is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the future of global markets, sustainability and productivity. Successful businesses do not focus their actions in the present but instead on the possibilities of the future. Rocheston’s innovation program is designed along similar lines. Most of the time, we find ourselves so weighed down by the intricacies and problems of today in the world of economics and business, that we often miss the bigger picture. We miss out on the changing times, new technologies and fresh challenges. Innovation training can pull one’s head out of the water, and into the world of endless possibilities.
Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Certified Chief Innovation Officer

Who is CCIO For?

The Certified Chief Innovation Officer program is aimed at executives and entrepreneurs interested in questioning the status quo. Anyone who wants to be a part of this changing world, get a strong grasp on innovation and work towards academic excellence is eligible to join the Rocheston CCIO program.

The CCIO Program

The course is a 2-day interactive learning capsule conducted in a seminar format by qualified entrepreneurs and innovators. It will be conducted every month in venues all over the world. Attendants can expect warm hospitality as the sessions will be conducted in high class luxury hotels. The course details are as follows:

• A 2-day training program
• 9:30 am – 6 pm on both days
• Active web portal will be provided
• Seminars conducted by qualified entrepreneurs and innovators
• In-class environment
• Qualifying proctored exam to be written on the last day

The CCIO program has been carefully designed and tailored to suit varying needs. It is centered on a precise yet versatile course work developed by the Rocheston Board of Innovators.

Being designed to impart the knowledge on the key aspects of innovation through interactive and alternative methods, the course's outline will be based on the following sessions:
Turning Stagnation to Innovation and Escalation
Leadership: The Other Side of Inspiration
Brands and Creation of Identity
Ideation and Creation
Economics and Resilience
Vision of the Future
Seek the Questions before the Answer
Complexity vs. Simplicity
Global Markets and Changing Opportunities
The Emotional Dimension of Products: The People
Design and Its Importance
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Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Certified Chief Innovation Officer
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The cost to sign up for the course- USD 1299/-
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The cost to register for the exam- USD 799/-
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Retake fee for the exam- USD 400/-

Course Goodies

On registration you will be provided with the following:

1. Course Manuals
2. Exercise Books
3. White papers, resources and a Rocheston USB
4. Rocheston Bag
5. Rocheston T-shirt
6. Pens, Notepad etc.

The Cyberclass Web Portal

An online E-learning platform will be open to attendants on registration. It will contain a series of study videos, pre-recorded lectures, white papers, educational animations and power point presentations. The web portal can be used to follow up after a missed session or even be viewed to refresh an attended session. The completion exam will be taken on the same platform.
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The exam will be held on the last day of the program. It will review your understanding of the course and test your understanding by means of specific objective questions. The exam will be as follows:

• Online exam delivered through
• Proctored Exam
• Multiple Choice objective questions only
• A total of 75 questions
• Pass percentage: 70%
• On passing successfully you will receive the CCIO welcome kit
• Retake policy- You may retake the exam any time on an additional fee
Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Certified Chief Innovation Officer

Course Completions

On completing the course, you will be provided with a CCIO certification. You are free to use the logo as per the terms and conditions as a free innovator. You will also receive a welcome kit as a member of the CCIOs. Finally, you will be provided with a lapel pin, badge, card, letter of completion and access to the members’ portal.

The members’ portal is an online forum for CCIOs to interact. It will be an active portal with weekly power-point presentations and news on innovation and globalization.

The certification is valid for 2 years. It can be renewed online, with a renewal fee of USD 700 after downloading the updated course material. The new material can be used to bring you up to speed on developments in the world of innovation, given that innovation is never stagnant.

CCIO Certificate Upon Passing the Exam

Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Certified Chief Innovation Officer
Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Certified Chief Innovation Officer
Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Certified Chief Innovation Officer

You will receive 24K Gold Plated Certificate with crocodile pattern leather folder.
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1. Are there any prerequisites to register for the course?

Rocheston prefers applicants who have a background in business and management. This is because the coursework is heavily knit with the current economic markets and business practices. However, innovation is not restricted to this target group alone. Anyone interested is free to apply as long as they have the confidence that they will be able to cope with the syllabus.

2. Can I take the test without attending the training?

Yes! Confident professionals are welcome to do so. Interested applicants may register and avail the online material and sessions. The exam being conducted online can be taken on the cyberclass portal as well.

3. Can I access the E-learning portal before the sessions start as a registered future participant?

Yes! You will be given access to the portal as soon as you register. You can go through the material before the live sessions start to bring yourself up to speed with the course work.

4. When will the exam be conducted?

The proctored exam will be held at the end of the two day program. In case of an emergency a participant is free to take the exam on another convenient date, although Rocheston advices its CCIO students to take the exam as soon as possible to ensure the best results.

5. Will I be able to avail a discount if I bring in more people?

Yes! Rocheston is always looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals interested in changing the world. If you can bring in a group of applicants for the program your efforts will not go to waste. A suitable discount can be discussed with the course manager.

6. Is there any particular dress code?

We advise attendants to be dressed formally as the CCIO learning platform is also a field of opportunity. You will be given time to mingle and interact with other participants who will be from similar backgrounds. Suitable, formal, non-flashy attire is suggested for the course.

7. Will food be provided?

Full stomachs always make for better thinking! Lunch from the host hotel will be provided at 1pm. The session will re-commence at 2 pm.

8. How large will the group be at the session?

To ensure adequate attention to all participants, the group is maintained at 12-25 individuals. The size of the group also lends to the merits of the course as it will ensure personal attention as well as efficient interaction among students.

9. If I am unable to make it for the program, will I be able to transfer my money to a following program?

Yes! In case of emergencies, or unforeseen appointments, the payment of a session can be transferred to another convenient session. A minimum period of 5 days notice must be ensured though.

10. Who will my instructors be?

The instructors are carefully selected professionals with years of experience in design management, innovation and product development.

11. How can I contribute to Rocheston?

Rocheston Research is always looking for interested contributors in the field of science, patents and innovation. For more information contact us at

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