Rocheston Reinvent Conference

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About the conference

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The Rocheston Reinvent sees the coming together of brilliant minds from across industries to discuss, share and generate ideas and concepts that would revolutionize the world. The conference provides a unique platform to discuss ideas on innovation across sectors and enable participants to come up with path breaking, innovative and cutting edge ideas.

Participants will include professionals and entrepreneurs from all major sectors of trade and commerce and will engage in discussion and ideation of different aspects of business such as Innovation, Marketing, Technology development, Sales, Human Resources. They will have the opportunity to inspire by sharing ideologies, concepts and solutions with each other.

The conference will be an equalizing platform for all, be it fresh start-ups or established businesses. Small business ventures including months-old start-ups have the opportunity to talk about their businesses and even get noticed by the who –is-who of their industry. On the other hand, established businesses get exposed to fresh ideas from young companies and understand and imbibe aspects of their unorthodox office culture and creativity inducing working ideologies and inspire and innovate themselves.

Participants will have the opportunity to share their views on a variety of issues ranging from creativity in business and innovation to patent issues and social responsibility of businesses. They will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with executives from different industries, strengthening their network base and even creating global business networks across industries.

The conference also provides a chance for established businesses and other market to keep pace with the rapid changes in the industry and be up to date with the latest trends, helping companies reinvent themselves based on the latest ideas and innovations.
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The two day conference will have training sessions and workshops for the CCIO and CMBL programs followed by a cocktail reception for guests on Day 1. The main event will kickstart on the second day with a keynote address by Mr ------- followed with presentations by experts from various fields of business, a panel discussion towards the end of the day and a prize distribution to conclude the two day reinvent conference.
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Experts from various industries will address participants and keynote speakers will introduce and put in perspective various subjects that will be discussed in subsequent sessions. Participants will learn from experts on how to think out of the box and will be exposed to the brilliant minds in different industries, imbibe ideas from professionals in various sectors and learn how to incorporate them in their respective ventures to boost efficiency, value and quality of your businesses.
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The Certified Masters in Business Leadership or the CMBL is a revolutionary leadership training program that serves to replace the traditional MBA. While an MBA trains students in Business Leadership, the CMBL sculpts leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators out of students. With its carefully curated content, the CMBL program ensures that the courseware is extremely relevant in today’s age and provides a whole new learning experience for students, equipping them to flourish in the ultra-dynamic business environment of today.

The Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO) program is a course for corporate executives to understand innovation and learn the key concepts on how to improve the standards of their business and elevate their company to a whole new level. In today's age, businesses survive only due to innovation. Companies need to constantly adapt to the changing conditions, innovate and create new solutions to thrive in the industry. The CCIO program trains participants to take their business

Participants will receive a course kit of both the CCIO and the CMBL programs in advance. Experts on innovation and leadership will address participants on the first day of the conference on these programs and its relevance in today's world of business. An examination will also be conducted for participants at the end of the day's session.
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