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Distinguished CEO Award

Be Proud and Stand Out! Be A Distinguished CEO. Not For The Ordinary.
Distinguished CEO is an awarded by Rocheston to CEOs known for transforming their organizations through innovation and excellence. It recognizes leaders who have accelerated the process of growth through their vision and initiatives.

Why Should I Get A Distinguished CEO?

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A Distinguished CEO from Rocheston is an internationally recognized award that instantly puts you on the global map of successful CEOs.
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Your personal brand value and that of your company go up in the eyes of your employees, investors, clients, peers and other stakeholders
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You gain access to the Distinguished global network
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Invites to exclusive Rocheston events related to your industry
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A Distinguished CEO accreditation makes you qualified to apply for the Distinguished Company recognition
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Attractive discounts on Rocheston’s leadership training programs

Accreditation Standards

Rocheston Accreditation Standards (RAS) are awarded based on the Customer Happiness Index (CHI) score and the proprietary ‘Nebula Metrics’. These business intelligence tools evaluate and analyze individuals and organizations, pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses that correspond to their business goals while also identifying areas of improvement.

Distinguished CEO Accreditation Benefits

Being a Distinguished CEO entitles you to many exciting benefits and goodies. Welcome to the Distinguished life!
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A 24-carat gold plated Distinguished CEO accreditation certificate in a luxurious crocodile leather folder
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A Distinguished CEO framed certificate to mount on your wall
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A gold plated Distinguished CEO accreditation card
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Window decals for placement at office
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One-year subscription to the Distinguished Magazine
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Digital certificate on the accord portal that can be downloaded
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Digital certificate on the accord portal that can be downloaded
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Digital certificate on the accord portal that can be downloaded
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Usage of Distinguished CEO logo in the company’s marketing collaterals
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A feature story inside Distinguished magazine (optional)
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A feature story on the cover of Distinguished magazine supplement (optional; subject to availability)
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Press releases in regional, national and international newspapers (optional)
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24-carat Atlas Trophy weighing 6kg (optional). It will be awarded at the Rochestonite Awards ceremony and gala dinner
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Invitation as a speaker or keynote speaker to the Rocheston conference (subject to availability)
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Provision of a video interview with the CEO, which will be published in the online edition of Distinguished Magazine
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Provision of a customized photo album compilation from the awards ceremony (optional)
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Provision of a photo/video reports from the awards ceremony for company use
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Receive a Distinguished CEO lapel pin
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Order customized Distinguished CEO merchandise (posters, pens, coffee mugs, notepads, stationery, laptop skins, etc.) from the website
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Listing in the Distinguished CEO website
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Feature in social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

Access To Valuable Resources

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Gaining access to the Rocheston network
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Gaining access to the Rocheston Accord membership portal
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Access to white papers, presentations, videos and technical resources on the accord portal
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Discounted rates for Certified Chief Innovation Officer Training Program
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Discounted rates for Master of Business Leadership Program
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Access to the CyberClass Training Programs.
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Invitation to attend the Distinguished Film Festival
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Invitation to Rocheston Reinvent Conferences
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Discounted rates at Rocheston merchandise store

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How do I apply?

You must become a Business Member of the Rocheston Accreditation Institute (Apply for membership). 
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