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Distinguished Design Award

Designs form the backbone of anything innovative and inventive, playing a crucial role in improving and instilling quality to products and services. An innovative design creates a lasting impression in the industry and society.

Distinguished Design is awarded in recognition of exceptional artistic creation and technique, innovation, and excellence in design that is an inspiration to people universally.
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The award recognizes designs which are distinct in concept and utility. It encourages individuals and businesses to develop and improve designs of existing products in varied categories. The Distinguished Design award broadens the boundaries of design and identifies excellence with a unique approach.
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Entries for the Distinguished Award are screened through a meticulous process. The product design is judged based on its utility, functionality, and aesthetics, with respect to the Customer Happiness Index.

The Distinguished Design aims to encourage individuals and industries to create designs that are a class apart.

The recognition is a constant reminder to the awardee and the applicants to innovate and inculcate designs that enrich user experience, satisfaction, and customer happiness.

Who can apply?

Applicants of the Distinguished Design awards may be individuals, professionals, and companies from any field.
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