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Distinguished Lawyer Award

Your voice rings loud for justice
Your brilliance shines through your arguments
You deserve to be a Distinguished Lawyer!

The Distinguished Lawyer Honor bestowed on Lawyers outstanding achievements and excellence in the field of Law. Recognition as a Distinguished Lawyer is for those who have handled tough cases with ease. Distinguished Lawyers whose intellect and brilliant arguments have won cases and created history.

Rocheston identifies such Lawyers and puts them on the highest pedestal that they deserve for their immeasurable contribution to society, conferring them with the Distinguished Lawyer Honor.

Eligibility Requirements

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Your Career
Your entry must be supported by as short summary of your career
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Your Work
You must present substantial evidence of your work
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Your Peers
You must be recognized by your peers as an achiever
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Written Books and Articles
You must have written and published articles and books
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Sound Standing
You must have a sound standing in the society
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Have a Heart
You must have a heart for the poor and work towards the betterment of society
In rare cases, eligibility criteria may be waived at our discretion

What you will receive when you become a Distinguished Lawyer

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You will receive a 24k Gold certificate with your name embossed
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Gold Card
You will receive a 24k Gold card
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Lapel Pin
You will receive a lapel pin
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You will be listed at website
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Press Releases
We will issue press releases in major newspapers, social media, and other online news channels


  • Be part of a prestigious network of achievers
  • Network with judges and other legal colleagues
  • Enjoy Referrals through the Lawyer Referral and Information Service
  • Invitations to exclusive private events only for members
  • Free continuous learning programs
  • Increase the perceived value of your services
  • Gain immense respect among peers and clients

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How do I apply?

You must become a Business Member of the Rocheston Accreditation Institute (Apply for membership). 
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