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Nebula Review - Policy and Guidelines | Policies
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Nebula Reviews Policies and Guidelines

Complaints and complements that we handle

At Rocheston, we understand that at times as customers, you do not have a portal to complain. We provide a platform where you can complain about almost anything. These might be in the areas of:

  • Hygiene
  • Quality Standards
  • Product performance Issues
  • Responsiveness
  • Value of price
  • Presentation
  • Service Standards
  • Customer Relationship
  • Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Brand promise fulfilment
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Have a complaint. Go ahead! We’re with you. Like the Service? Leave a note.

Note: For any discrimination or religious claims or issues that challenge the validity of the state or local law, please approach appropriate licensing and regulatory authorities. Nebula.Reviews will not handle these type of complaints.

How your complaint or complement will be Handled

Each of your complaints or complements shall be forwarded to the organization within 3 business days, after which they will be asked to respond within 7 days. In the case of a complaint if there is no response from the organization, they will be requested again. Once we receive a response from the organization, you will be notified. We will also notify you if the organization has not responded at all. Please note that all complaints will be closed within 14 days.


Please note that your complaint or complement may be posted publicly on the Rocheston website. So kindly refrain from revealing personal information. Rocheston reserves the right to remove any post that may not be in accordance with its policy and guidelines or those with abusive language. When you submit your complaint or complement, you are acknowledging that it is a true account of your experience with a service-provider, organization or an institute.


You need to sign the waiver: I authorize Rocheston to get in contact with the vendor and communicate my complaint.
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