Cyber SafeRocheston Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

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Cyber Tips

2-Factor Authentication
Implement multi-factor authentication on your accounts and make it significantly less likely you’ll get hacked.
Software Update
Update your software. In fact, turn on automatic updates.
Think Before You Click
Think before you click. More than 90% of successful cyber-attacks start with a phishing email.
Use Strong Passwords
Use strong passwords, and ideally a password manager to generate and store unique passwords.
Backup Sensitive Data
Ensure the security of your data by regularly backing it up. With the advent of ransomware, having full and current backups of all your data can be a lifesaver.
Use Firewalls and Anti-Viuses
Hackers penetrate your systems with ease if you don't have antivirus protection. Use AV and endpoint protection.
Avoid Non-Secure Downloads
Do not download and install unnecessary extensions and applications.
Secure WiFi Networks
Make sure you only connect to secure WiFi networks. For additional protection use VPN.
Be careful on Social Media
Keep your posts private and restricted. Do not share sensitive information on social media.
Friend Invitation
Do not accept friends request from people you don't know. Practice caution here.
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