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    What is Rocheston Rosé?

    Developed by Rocheston, Rosé is a Linux distro custom built IoT Operating System. It is based on Open Source libraries and frameworks, which is designed to power Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. Rocheston Rosé looks beautiful with its stunning Rocheston Nebula Blue look and feel throughout the OS. It works with ease on the latest laptops, desktops and tablets. Rosé is also touch screen enabled and looks incredible on high resolution screens.

    Rocheston Rosé has an integrated firewall and virus protection. Rosé is one of the most secure operating systems in the Linux world. How did we achieve that? Simple. We locked down everything.
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    IoT Platform
    Available at Cybernetwork® with regular updates, Rosé delivers robust security to a range of applications for IoT devices including home automation, drones, robots and industry devices.

    Built for the IoT platform, Rocheston Rosé offers snap packages which makes Rosé secure and dependable for widely available IoT devices, and provides ease of development. The platform finds its applications in the fields of industrial automation, transportation, healthcare, gateway connect sensors and actuators to clouds, providing intelligence and edge analytics. The cost of backhaul for low-value data is also reduced with offload decision in the gateway, ensuring continuity and low-latency. Rocheston Rosé is secure, dependable and the IoT platform can be remotely upgraded for intelligent systems and devices.

    Regular updates, Hassle-free operation
    Rosé-powered devices and apps receive regular updates for the operating system, defending malicious attacks and addressing security issues automatically. Robust security updates ensure that the critical infrastructure of the platform is protected.

    Secured Snap Packages
    Rocheston Rosé is available at Cybernetwork® as an all-snap version. A snap is a universal Linux package for an app and its dependencies, which is sure and easily upgradeable. Snaps are:

    • Restricted to Robust Security
    • Compatible with most Desktops and Laptops
    • Easy to Setup and Deploy
    • Regular Linux Kernel Updates
    • Compressed to Save Disk Space

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    Open Source is a massive space where innovation is taking place at a rapid pace, even faster than the mainstream technical world. While mainstream technology is trying to keep up with new technologies, it is no surprise that Open Source is gearing up for the IoT space. Companies are aiming for future and IoT will set the pace for its growth. Eventually, Linux will have a role in the segment, especially the OS.

    The onus will be on enterprise decision makers, especially the CTO and CIO, along with the IT team in deciding the right OS for their IoT-based product. This plays a significant role in enhancing effectiveness, feasibility and customer experiences. With Linux offering a range of options for operating systems, delivering insights would help tech bosses to choose the most suitable options to pick while creating their IoT products and services.
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  • Simplicity
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    Rosé is very simple to use. Dead simple. Really. Just boot it up and launch your applications. Nothing is hidden, locked or stashed. It is quite straight forward. The settings and control center is dead simple. Nothing complex at all.
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    Rosé is not bloated with useless features. You don't need to download and install tons of system updates and fixes just to browse the Internet. Rosé does not interfere with your work at all. We promise you a great experience.
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    Viruses and Malware? No worries. We have locked down the OS completely to keep you safe from Internet threats. Rest assured you are in good hands.
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    With its gorgeous Rocheston Nebula Blue GUI, you will fall in love all over again with your operating system. Finally there is class, beauty and elegance in a Operating System. Thank God!
  • Trademark and Copyright
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    Rocheston Rosé and the Rosebird logos are registered trademarks of Rocheston in the United States and/or other countries. All rights reserved.
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    Simply Beautiful
    The Rosé OS is simply stunning. It is one of the most beautiful operating systems out there. The entire OS shines using Rocheston Nebula Blue GUI throughout the system. The dark grey background with white body text, 3D shadows, clean fonts. Everything simply looks awesome. You can stare at the screen for hours and marvel at its beauty.
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    IoT Development Environment
    The system comes with tons of development frameworks, programming languages and compilers. Python, C++, Perl, Ruby, Java, Atom, Particle IO etc. Rosé has everything you need to develop your IoT solutions. Thousands of IoT open source projects, code snippets, drivers and interfaces. Seriously, look no further, we have everything covered.
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    Networking and communications is one of the strongest feature of Rosé. Wireless technologies, 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC - Yes and Yes. We got it covered.
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    Productivity Suite
    We have everything in Rosé for you to start using it as regular Desktop OS. Sure, you can replace your Mac OS and Windows with Rosé. Office suite applications, E-mail clients, Web browsers, Slack, Skype, Cloud Calendar, Remote sync contacts, support for Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Amazon AWS… check , check and big check.
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    Photography and Graphics
    Photography, Graphics editing tools. No problem. We have it.
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    Touchscreen and Stylus
    Rosé works perfectly with Touchscreen and Stylus interface. You can install Rosé in most laptops and desktop computers including Microsoft Surface.
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    Windows Applications
    Rosé runs Windows applications natively using Wine emulator. Go ahead and install your Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe CS Suite. Rosé runs them beautifully.
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    Mac OS X High Sierra and Windows 10 OS
    You can install and run Microsoft Windows 10 and Mac OS High Sierra using Virtualbox. It simply runs great. You get best of both worlds. Valid license is required though.
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    Rosé Runs Android Apps
    Yes, you can run Android Apps on Rosé. Play games, connect and post to social media? No worries, we got you covered. You also can download Apps directly from Google Play. Don't miss a beat.
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    Make Phone Calls on your Rosé
    That is correct. Connect your phone via Bluetooth to Rosé and you are making phone calls directly on the OS. If you have embedded Particle 3G/LTE chipset then directly make voice calls. How cool is that.