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Rocheston Cyber Range Sphere

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Sphere Platform

Rocheston Cyber Range Sphere is an advanced cybersecurity training platform designed to equip companies with robust solutions for tackling the ever-increasing threats in today's digital ecosystem.

Developed with cutting-edge technology and a rich, immersive user experience, Sphere offers realistic cyber attack simulations on a scale that is unmatched in the market.
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Cloud Hosted Labs

Sphere is cloud based cyber range platform that arms organizations with strong solutions to emulate network attacks against their infrastructure.
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Thousands of Virtual Machines

The platform comprises thousands of virtual machines operating within a cyber range, offering realistic simulations of cyber attacks.
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Realistic Simulations

The virtual environments housed within Sphere mimic real-world systems and networks to create hyper-realistic cybersecurity scenarios.
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Counter Hacker Tactics

The platform provides invaluable insights into the strategies employed by hackers when breaching systems, enabling companies to bolster their defensive measures.
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Advanced User Interface

The platform sports a visually stunning GUI that is simple to navigate and understand, even for non-tech savvy individuals.
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Real-time Dashboards

Sphere’s dashboards visually demonstrate in real-time, how hackers compromise networks, enabling quicker detection, analysis, and response.
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RCCE Level 2 Training

Sphere is an integral part of the RCCE Level 2 certification program, providing IT professionals with hands-on experience with real-world cyber threats.
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Exploration of the Digital Threat Landscape

Sphere offers a comprehensive view of the digital threat landscape, enabling businesses to understand and better deal with potential vulnerabilities and breaches.
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Sophisticated Attack Playbooks

Sphere features meticulously detailed attack playbooks that outline a wide variety of cyber attack strategies and tactics.
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Sphere Playbooks

Ransomware Data Recovery and Continuity Planning Playbook
Ransomware Payment and Negotiation Tactics Playbook
Cloud Infrastructure Compliance Auditing Playbook
Application Micro-Segmentation in Zero Trust Playbook
Incorporating DevSecOps into Legacy Systems Playbook
Establishing a Cyber Threat Intelligence Program Playbook
Endpoint Security with Advanced EDR/XDR Controls Playbook
Ransomware Attack Vector Isolation Playbook
Cloud Native Application Security Testing Playbook
Enforcing Data-Centric Zero Trust Policies Playbook
Spear Phishing Defense Playbook: Email Security Scenarios
Next-Generation Firewall Deployment Playbook
Zero-Day Exploit Containment Playbook
Insider Threat Simulation and Management Playbook
Network Segmentation and Access Control Playbook
Cryptographic Attack Mitigation Playbook
Web Application Penetration Testing Playbook
Cloud Misconfiguration Discovery Playbook
Secure DevOps Pipeline Creation Playbook
Ransomware Attack Response and Recovery Playbook
Data Exfiltration Prevention Techniques Playbook
Incident Response Team Coordination Playbook
Endpoint Detection and Response Tactics Playbook
Forensic Analysis and Evidence Preservation Playbook
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense Playbook
Compliance and Regulatory Framework Assessment Playbook
Advanced SQL Injection Defense Playbook
Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering Playbook
Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation Playbook
Identity Access Mismanagement Incident Playbook
Cyber Threat Hunting Techniques Playbook
Rootkit Detection and Eradication Playbook
Secure Code Review and Improvement Playbook
Server Hardening and Security Baseline Playbook
Supply Chain Attack Simulation Playbook
Privileged User Escalation Prevention Playbook
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Integration Playbook
Botnet Infiltration and Disruption Playbook
Cybersecurity Policy Development and Execution Playbook
Mitre-Attack Framework Red Team Challenge Playbook
Business Email Compromise (BEC) Countermeasures Playbook
Advanced Persistent Defense Simulation Playbook
Container Security Orchestration Playbook
Cyber Range Blue Team Defensive Playbook
Phishing Site Take Down Operation Playbook
Incident Command System Deployment Playbook
Credential Theft and Account Takeover Playbook
Evasive Malware Analysis and Handling Playbook
Cyber Deception Tactics and Strategy Playbook
Intellectual Property Theft Prevention Playbook
Secure Application Deployment Playbook
Threat Intelligence Analysis Playbook
Secure Network Architecture Design Playbook
Critical Infrastructure Protection Scenarios Playbook
Patch Management and Vulnerability Remediation Playbook
Remote Access Trojans (RATs) Counteraction Playbook
Cyber Espionage Simulation and Counter Playbook
Dark Web Monitoring and Intelligence Playbook
Intrusion Detection System Evasion Techniques Playbook
Mobile Device Security Enforcement Playbook
Quantum Computing Cryptography Challenges Playbook
Third-Party Vendor Risk Assessment Playbook
Security Operations Center (SOC) Efficiency Playbook
Cyber Range Purple Team Exercises Playbook
User Behavior Analytics for Insider Threats Playbook
Advanced Network Traffic Analysis Playbook
AI-Powered Threat Detection Scenario Playbook
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tactics Playbook
Secure Internet Gateway Configuration Playbook
Advanced Application Layer Attack Playbook
Remote Worker Security Challenges Playbook
Brute Force Attack Defense and Mitigation Playbook
Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attack Simulation Playbook
Cyber Range Stress Testing and Load Balancing Playbook
Secure API Development and Integration Playbook
Lateral Movement Detection and Prevention Playbook
Secure Data Storage and Retrieval Playbook
Blockchain Security Implementation Challenges Playbook
Secure Configuration Management Playbook
DevSecOps for Serverless Architectures Playbook
Securing Cloud Data with Encryption Best Practices Playbook
Ransomware Attack Vector Isolation Playbook