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Rocheston Roma Token

Roma Token is an Ethereum ERC-20 token used as a unit of exchange for buying and selling training and certification services. It runs on Ethereum blockchain network. Roma Tokens are the cryptocurrency associated with Roma Protocol. They are standards-compliant ERC-20 tokens.

Roma Tokens can, in principle, live in any EVM-compatible network. The Roma Token contract is deployed in the Ethereum Mainnet. Only ROMA within the Ethereum Mainnet carry any value.
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Rocheston Roma Ticker


Token Type

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Contract Address


Decimals of Precision

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Total Supply

1 Million

Circulation Supply

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To manage Roma Tokens or Ether, you need a cryptocurrency wallet, crypto wallet or just “wallet.” More generally, you need a wallet to store your private keys. You can use MetaMask, TREZOR or Ledger.
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View the valuation of Roma Token

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Rocheston Roma Token Blockchain Explorer

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Crypto Casino

The crypto casino is based on blockchain technology with Provably fair gaming hash verification. You can make bets using Rocheston Roma ERC-20 tokens.

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