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Rocheston Research

Invest in Rocheston Research:

Rocheston Research contemplates the present state of the industry with an aim to enlighten individuals in accreditation organizations. Several aspects of accreditation always require constant analysis, while other, avant-garde trends require the establishment of threshold information for progress. Your involvement in Rocheston Research will ensure the success of its Research & Development agenda and the future of the credentialing community. Rocheston can continue to develop a meticulous research program that will enhance and improve Rocheston Research member organizations and their programs.

Contribute Today

Contribute today for your commitment to the future of accreditation.To contribute, please click the links below to make a donation. The below links will take you directly to the payment page. You can pay using PayPal or credit cards.



Benefits include:

Name listing on Rocheston website

A momentous Thank You from Rocheston President.
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Benefits from the above level, plus:

Name (individual or business) listing on inside of back cover of R&D product in the following year.

Laudatory copy of one R&D product (Rocheston’s choice of product from current of previous year’s publications).

Name featured at Rocheston Research exchange.
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Benefits from the above level, plus:

Listing of name in mobile app guide at Rocheston Research exchange (deadlines apply)
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Benefits from the above level, plus:

One laudatory copy of all R&D products released in the following year.
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Benefits from the above level, plus:

Awarded pin/ribbon during Rocheston Research Exchange ceremony.

Logo or photo added to website listing.

Special invite to Rochestonite event with Rocheston leaders and special guests.
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Benefits from the above level, plus:

Opportunity to receive early version of products to provide marketing testimonials.

Limited extra tickets to the special recognition reception at Rochestonite
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