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Rocheston University Certification Programs

The future looks glorious with new capabilities! Our technology experts at Rocheston University prophecies that we would soon be living in a world of science fiction we watched or read about. An intricately connected globe driven by automation is upon us!

The onus is on us to create a smart world that will not be intimidated by the growing capabilities of computers and robots. Instead, we would be equipped with the right technologies to handle these machines just like the brick and mortar we have been using to build concrete structures for us.

This new world needs people and organizations that not only envision a marvelous, wonderful alternative to our contemporary infrastructure and thoughts, but also realize all that the future holds.
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Rocheston University has been created to reign in the alternate future!

The purpose and commitment

Every emerging idea from the whiteboard of our conference room points to the holistic determination: To create and nurture a generation that can usher in the new and emerging technologies ranging from internet of things, robotics, automation, quantum computing and above all, cyber security, that stands steadfast as the defender of the borders of all thriving and future technologies.

Our academic programs have been designed to facilitate universities across the globe in conducting certificate courses on new and evolving technologies. These programs promise to maximize knowledge acquisition and learning experience appropriate for dynamic digital world with real-time scenarios and innovative methods.

Our research team keeps abreast with the changes and development in applications to deliver the most sought-after technology classes.
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Leading the revolution in the educational system: In a fast-changing world, every field of study is eagerly waiting for a makeover with the magical touch of an innovative idea. In such an evolving scenario, Rocheston University offers digitally powered courses with unique features:

  • Cyber classes with Android and iOS Apps, anytime, anywhere for certification classes
  • Virtual labs for real-time learning experience
  • E-learning with complete digital anywhere, anytime 24/7 classroom environment supported by Rocheston' Cybernetwork.
  • Learning platforms secured by Rocheston Rosé operating system
  • Interaction with lecturers from anywhere
  • In-class as well as virtual instructor led classes
  • Practice exams to assess strengths and weaknesses in learning
  • Certificate exams for being certified for learnt skill-sets
  • Certification badge as proof for companies looking for specific acquired skills
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How can universities benefit from Rocheston certification programs?

The very thought of studying in universities and B-schools fail to excite us these days! The tech savvy, millennials and the Generation Z are not tuned for laborious paperwork, spending long boring days and months at stake for being competent certified professionals.

Universities aiming to prepare students to become productive and employable must ensure they are provided with ‘the happening’ courses, continuously updated curriculum, requisite ambience, strategic exposure, and most importantly a confident, self-motivated attitude accompanying the graduation. This is the space Rocheston University and its exquisitely planned certification programs fit in to the T!

We realized that in the future it is the skills-validation certification that is going to overtake the regular theory-based graduation programs.
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Our programs are tailored to help universities in myriad ways

  • Offers a broad range of technology courses, film-making and liberal art
  • Delivers courses up-to-date with the most recent applications
  • Provides state-of-the-art labs for the latest technical course to enhance students’ practical knowledge
  • With our ready-to-play plugin modules, help universities reduce infrastructure investments in building the labs and ambience
  • Subject Matter Experts at Rocheston impart training that matches the students’ educational goals, aptitude, based on the existing job market scenario
  • Skills the candidates to develop a keen sense of strategic orientation, eye-for-detail and professional ethics while ascending the career graph
  • Blends the benefits of both regular degree courses and specialized courses
  • Prods the candidates to develop innovative strategies and think out-of-the-box while honing up their technical skills in tandem
  • Induce the hunger to learn more at every stage of his/her career with our periodic updates and seminars
  • Assure students who do not have a regular degree can still pursue technical or liberal arts courses to not lose out in the fast pace-changing levels of competition
  • Ensures the Rocheston certificate holder has a competitive edge and earning potential at par with the best in the industry
  • Cyber security, cyber tech, cyber innovation, film making, liberal arts, name it and Rocheston offers it all on a platter!
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Why choose Rocheston?

Unlike other universities, anyone with the requisite credentials and the urge to learn from the masters, is welcome at Rocheston!

There are short and long certification courses, prominent university offshoots offering courses and some others announcing course package schemes & discounts.

The computer security certification courses offered by the University of Stanford, certificate programs offered by the University of Cincinnati, or thousands of other such courses advertised by the top universities and schools, have a major flaw! They narrow down their certification options to cover only specific IT topics such as computer applications & security, database & network management, networking, mobile technology, software management, etc. However, our new age industries are vying to hire the best brains with valid certifications based on product or technology-based skills.
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Rocheston Certification Schools

Our secret? Out-of-the-box creative thinking. Rocheston believes in inculcating out-of-the-box thinking and developing an innate sense of reasoning within you. Our programs are designed to foster innovation, create excellence and maintain standards. By cultivating a new breed of thinkers, we at Rocheston strive to explore new challenges, possibilities, and technologies through innovation.
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School of Cybersecurity

  • RCCE Certification Extreme Hacking NeXTGEN
  • RCPT Certification – Rocheston Certified Red/Blue PenTester
  • CCO Certification – Cybersecurity Compliance Officer
  • RCCI Certification – Cyberforensics NeXTGEN
  • RCIA Certification – Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst
  • SecurityOne RCCS – Cybersecurity Specialist

School of Cyber Tech

  • RCIE Certification – Rocheston Certified IoT Engineer
  • RCBE Certification – Rocheston Certified Blockchain Engineer
  • CBDA Certification – Certified Big Data Analyst
  • RCAI Certification – Rocheston Certified AI Engineer
  • RCDE Certification - Rocheston Certified DevSecOps Engineer
  • RCSE Certification - Rocheston Certified SOC Engineer
  • RCQE Certification - Rocheston Certified Quantum Computing Engineer

School of Cyber Innovations

  • CCIO – Certified Chief Innovation officer

School of Cyber Business

  • cMBL Certification – Certified Master of Business Leadership
  • RCCM Certification – Rocheston Certified Cybertech Marketer

School of Filmmaking

  • RCP Certification – Rocheston Certified Professional in Filmmaking
  • RCP Screenwriter – Rocheston Certified Professional Screenwriter
  • RCP Cinematographer – Rocheston Certified Professional Cinematographer
  • RCP Director – Rocheston Certified Professional Director
  • RCP Actor – Rocheston Certifed Professional Film Actor
  • RCP Editor – Rocheston Certified Professional Film Editor
  • RCP Art Director – Rocheston Certified Professional Art Director
  • RCP Sound Engineer – Rocheston Certifed Professional Sound Engineer
  • RCP Prod. Designer – Rocheston Certified Production Designer

School of Liberal Arts

  • RCP Liberal Arts - Rocheston Certified Professional Liberal Arts
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How to connect with Rocheston?

Rocheston University stands apart from all others. Our team is a congregation of experts and masters of the most sought-after tech programs!

We at Rocheston love to touch base with all the learning enthusiasts and tech geeks out there. Follow us on the social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter or on LinkedIn.

You can also contact us through our website:
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Rocheston Certification is the Best – Obviously!
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Note: Rocheston University is NOT a real University and we do not offer any degree programs here. Rocheston University is simply a certification brand.