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What is it?

Rocheston's IoT Lab is a cutting edge playground for students to bring their ideas to life.

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In the rapidly changing world, it is important to discover new ways of thinking and acting so that you can evolve into individuals who can help businesses and organizations to innovate constantly and obtain an edge over others in the future.

We, at Rocheston, are constantly contemplating the present state of the industry with an aim to enlighten individuals in education organizations across the globe. With the rapid pace of Innovation and technological advancement, students need to be exposed to the latest technology and Innovations from around the world to help them succeed.
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The schools, which support 21st century learners, realize that new means like project-based learning and use of technology and making tools enable these learners. New learning environments are needed for novel, interdisciplinary thinking in order to succeed in the global economy of the future.
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Invent Things

At Rocheston IoT Labs we aim to encourage students to ideate and invent things that matter to them and to the world. We provide the students with state-of- the-art equipment to help them design and build their ideas from scratch.

We provide cutting-edge technology, software, tools, training material and faculty development program (FDP) for developing next generation innovation centres. These centres will enable your institute in developing creative leaders, innovation engineers, breakthrough innovations and start-ups.
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How will students benefit from Rocheston IoT Labs?

Create entrepreneurs - Rocheston IoT Labs will inspire students to create new products and services and look at providing solutions to problems from a creative mindset. Our innovation labs intend to provide an enriching experience to students so that they can break away from the monotony to come up with novel ideas. In long run, it will help create start-up founders and entrepreneurs.
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Provide fulfilling careers to students

In the dynamic work environment, many modern organizations are looking for creative talent over conventional qualifications to solve business challenges. Rocheston IoT labs will help in nurturing creative mindsets and business leaders so that the students can transform challenges into opportunities. In addition, the students will also learn to generate breakthrough ideas and transform them into revolutionary innovations. The IoT training attained by the students will help them gain employment at some of the most innovative companies in the world.

How it will benefit the institutions/universities?

The IoT labs help in generating new streams of revenue for the institutions in the following ways:
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Rocheston IoT Labs will attract new students at universities due to unique value propositions

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The institutes can engage in mentorship and Incubation support to entrepreneurs

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You can partner with Corporate Innovation Consultancy EDP / MDP programs

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In some time, you can aim for grants from govt./ industry towards innovation projects

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You will be able to generate income from short-term crash courses/Distance Learning programs on IoT
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How do you qualify for setting Rocheston IoT Lab at your institute/university?

There are only two requirements for qualifying for the IoT Lab:
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Rocheston CTP - Your institution must have at least 2 Rocheston Certified Trainers with valid licenses on payroll

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Minimum Enrollments - A minimum of 300 enrollments per year must be completed to continue support from the lab.
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What is the scope of work for your institution?

While Rocheston focuses on providing an innovation-friendly environment, the crucial preliminary infrastructure must be provided by the institution. These include:

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Space: The institution must provide a minimum space of 250 sq.ft for smooth functioning and storage of lab equipment.

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Furnishing: Tables to place equipment and seating arrangement for the students must be provided

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Electricity: A continuous supply of electricity is to be provided to the lab during the college hours.

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Internet Connectivity: Due to intensive testing and research being some of the core operations conducted in the lab, a stable Internet connection is required within the lab.

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Air-conditioning: Lab space must be sealed from all four sides and it must be air-conditioned.

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Storage cabinets: Storage cabinets with locks must be provided within the lab for maintenance of safety equipment.

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Designated Lab Officer: One of the certified trainers will be in-charge of accessibility to the lab.
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Desktops- Desktops will be provided for use within the lab premises. - Desktops will be provided for use within the lab premises.

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Servers - A server will be provided to handle data traffic from and to the lab. This will also ensure that all propriety research and development will be stored safely within the lab.

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Wireless Surveillance cameras - An Internet connected live camera will be installed in the lab to allow the institution to remotely monitor activity in the lab.

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3D printer - A 3D printer with filaments (3D printer ink) will be provided as part of the package.

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Prototype testing machines - From concept to validation, testing machines will allow investors to test the durability and usability of their inventions.

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Framed Posters - Posters of the IoT lab for promotional advertisement purposes.

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Handouts - Handouts of success stories, important entrepreneurial resources, course benefits and more

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Academic Licenses - Academic licenses for some of the most prolific design and development softwares in the world today.

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Open sources software - Access to Rocheston's proprietary and open source software title Rocheston Rose for platform intensive development.

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Secure Lock Doors - Secure biometric authentication with access provided to the Designated Lab Officer.

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IoT resources for research and development:

  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Motherboards
  • Motion Detection systems
  • Voice Detection systems
  • Mobile Phone Components
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An effective environment needs constant attention. This is why we believe that setting up the lab is the easy part. The support that comes with the set-up is the key to spurring innovation. The IoT lab support includes:
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Monthly visits by certified IoT engineers to control the quality of the lab equipment and supervise the progress of your institution's future innovators.

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Hands-on workshops will be conducted on a monthly basis with a focus on introducing the latest technology and how to leverage them for your benefit.

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Invitation to Rocheston's Reinvent brand of conferences and seminars held every quarter.

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Patent development, visualization and development for CCIO / RCIE students with complete access to legal and regulatory processes.

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Weekly online seminars to be conducted on institutional basis.

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Referrals and recommendations to recruiting organizations in the relevant industries.

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Annual updates of lab resources and equipment to keep pace with evolution of technology in the market.

Focus on Innovation

With a shift of focus to innovation, more and more institutions are developing in-house innovation labs and cells in an effort to promote creativity among their graduates. However, the internal processes involved in the labs are more crucial than its capacity or equipment provided. In order to access new technology, it is important for the instructors and educators to help facilitate such transitions.

The CCIO program intends to prepare students, executives and entrepreneurs for the path that leads to innovation.
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