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Mr. Robert Almeida, Principal Consultant, Emerging region Consulting & Strategy, Symantec Corporation.

I was aware that CEH was the only entry-level cybersecurity certification in the market but after talking to (Mr.Niranjan Reddy), I came down to attend the RCCE Level 1 Training & Certification from Rocheston at NetConclave Systems in Pune.

I traveled all the way from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and must say the decision was correct to attend the RCCE training at NetConclave. Niranjan is an instructor, highly experienced in the cybersecurity domain and conducted the training 'exceptionally' well by clearing all my doubts and having me do maximum labs on Rose OS.

The RCCE Level 1 course by Rocheston is so well designed and crafted to perfection, contains full of practicals with latest trends, hacking tools and the best part of it all, it is baked into an 'awesome' operating system, Rose. Rocheston ROSE is exclusively designed for all the labs in RCCE.

I strongly recommend anyone to attend the RCCE Level 1 training conducted by Niranjan. I am eagerly looking forward to attending the RCCE Level 2 training.
Enjoyed the curriculum & love, Rose!! Can’t wait to use it even more!!!

What an incredible learning experience! RCCE Level 1 training was immersive as well as enjoyable. The tools included in Rocheston Rosé were FANTASTIC fun!! My abilities and confidence have grown immeasurably due to the intellectual gains from this course.

When questions arose, Aditya and/or Haja were there to handle them for me. I am still shocked at the amazing support provided and look forward to the Level 2 challenge. Thank you again, Rocheston, for a wonderful journey!!

Siddique Yaasar Mustafa, Qatar National Bank

“The RCCE program was extremely valuable and the tangible learnings for me did a world of good once I was back at work.”

Sathyaprabha Gunasekaran, Graduate Engineering Trainee at Larsen & Toubro Construction

“Taking up the RCCE program was a great experience. I am proud to say that I am a Rocheston Cyber Security Engineer now. I will definitely attend the RCCE Level 2 training. Thank you Mr. Haja for this opportunity. I would say RCCE will be the fundamental for Cyber Security Engineers.”

Dr. Kalai Anand Ratnam (Ph.D, RCCE, MCT, MCAA, AWS-SA),
Technology Specialist, Evangelist and Trainer

“Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer (RCCE) programme is fully recommended for those intending to embark on a career in cybersecurity and for those who have obtained cybersecurity certifications other than RCCE, you got to enroll into RCCE. The programme is mind-blowing and exceeds expectations.
Upon successfully completing the exam, the gold-plated certification kit that I received gave me even further recognition to pursue RCCE Level 2.

When I was on the lookout for a cybersecurity certification program, EC-Council’s CEH was what was introduced to me. I was about to sign up until I attended Rocheston’s RCCE Training Preview. The one aspect that impressed me was the content relevance that was in line with the challenges faced in the industry. The custom-built Rocheston Rosé OS packed with loads of tools and vulnerabilities was not comparable with CEH, which was obsolete. Getting certified as an RCCE was the best decision I ever made.”
Niranjan Reddy,
CTO and Founder, NetConclave Systems

“I have been an ‘Ethical Hacking’ certified trainer for 12 years teaching corporates and students on ethical hacking certification. That certification is outdated today. It is stale, dull and boring.

But Rocheston’s RCCE course has the latest trends in Cybersecurity like Cloud, IoT, VR and AI packaged into an awesome Open Source Rocheston Rose containing Labs and updated tools. I recommend everyone should become an RCCE. The industry doesn’t need outdated ‘Ethical Hacker’ certifications, instead it needs Cybersecurity Engineers. I like Rocheston’s slogan: The Rules of Engagement Have Changed. Resecure Everything.
Dr. Vinesha Selvarajah,
Lecturer at APIIT

“Being one of his trainees in the Rocheston Cyber Security Certified Engineer (RCCE) program, I am proud to say RCCE is indeed the defining moment of the current cyber world. The rules of the game have changed, and the birth of Rocheston has outnumbered everything EC-Council has to offer. Rocheston being the limelight of this generation offers cutting edge training modules with the highest standards and class in every detail. It is foreseeable that the RCCE program will become the centerpiece in demand in the cyber domain. My deepest appreciation to Mr. Haja and his Rocheston team!”
Sir, I was present in your session today which was conducted in Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology.

The main points which grabbed my attention were about ideas which you expressed in your perspective like how technology is developing day by day and how we should get developed with respect to our environment. I really liked your session sir, and the climax of your presentation was impeccable which was like "Innovation does not start with money, opportunity or technology.

- Rohan Lonekar
I am Srinivas Kommu (EEE -3RD YEAR) from Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad.

I am one of the luckiest students who has got a great opportunity to procure your lectures and vision .

Ten important things what I have learnt from your lecture is

1. Innovation doesn’t start with technology

2. Innovation doesn't start with opportunity

3. Innovation doesn't start with resources in hand or money in hand

4. I have learnt the most disruptive technologies emerging these days like IOT, self-driving cars etc.

5. I have understood the essence of fixing myself , in the way I dress in the way I speak which gives me global citizenship recognition wherever I go.

6. I was mesmerized with that innovative idea why not the mobiles should be circular in shape.

7. That crazy person who is the chief design officer at Apple Jonathan Ive, has given me great insight about innovation.

8. I got to know the innovative idea of Steve jobs how he created apple store stare case circular glass and his office in Istanbul.

8. I have learnt how different companies innovated their product like Nike, Phillips, Smart toilet, Koehler shower speaker.

9. Tesla is not an automobile company it’s a technological company.

10. Uber battery operated choppers which installs helipad on the roof top for solving traffic problems.

Thank you sir for your valuable inputs.

- K. Srinivas
My name is Sriperambuduru Vasudha. I am studying ECE 3rd year at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad.

I attended your lecture in our college. I was impressed with the answer that you had given to my question about your marvellous creation Cyfone. The way you made the complex thing in simple way is fabulous. I like the sentence in your presentation that Innovation does not need technology.
I have dreams to become an Entrepreneur. I have some good ideas. Actually, I'm doing Technical Entrepreneurship Program in Indian School of Business to understand the process of innovation, creation, ideation, brainstorming techniques etc. Besides, your lecture supported me to think out of the box.

I thank my Director for your presence in our college. Some important points that I have learnt from your golden lecture are: how to simplify an object which is innovated and how to innovate with creative ideas and whom we can trust and how to make design thinking with sketches or drawings.

I’m very thankful to you for coming to our institution during your busy schedule and you made let us think more about innovation.

Thank you sir.

- Vasudha Sriperambuduru
Sir, this is regarding the session attended by me on 21st Feb. Sir, it was a great honour to be in your seminar. I realised the value of ideation and how could be we change the world for a better living.

- Magediwar Siddharth
I really enjoyed the course and Haja's informal approach to presenting his material. He is a wonderfully engaging presenter, very easy to listen to and the course was just the right mix of theory, practical and demonstration. This has more than met my expectations. A wonderfully practical course - both personally and professionally. I will take away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply.


- Lohit Kapoor
Respected Sir/Madam,

I have attended the few training's, out of all this I felt this training was very useful and leaned many things regarding start-up, patents and about different gadgets and your hospitality was very good.As Freshers it was great kickstart for us.I am thankful to Rocheston and Team.

Mr. Haja has conducted this FDP in a very professional manner.

He brings in vast experience to motivate participants. He kept the participants engaged and the experience was a delight.

I am sure students will benefit from his experience. Eagerly waiting for his visit to SNIST, Hyderabad.

- Ameet Chavan
It was a perfect technical seminar which i would love to have further unlike other technical workshops we could actually see the technical growth in the world and could also understand the competition out in the industry and society.

Keep things simple and define your ideas in simplest which others could understand and believe in idea. Would love to attend such seminar more.Aditya sir was such a good goal shapener and tech freek.

- Anju Soman T
The session was very informative and engaging. The topics discussed were very relevant to the current industries scenario. The gadgets displayed were very innovative and made the session very interesting. It made us understand how to ask the right questions and that things can be very successful If they are simple.

- Samden Lepcha
Excellent training program from aditya sir influenced a lot. great job

- K.Karthik
A very Fun two day interaction with Mr. Aditya with a lot of cool gadgets .Really well prepared and structured way of putting forth the ideas

- Allen bob Claudius
It was great experience being a part of Rocheston Workshop. I have been able to learn a lot from Mr. Aditya. I am pretty sure that this experience will let me to get success in my life.

Thanks a lot for providing us such a good workshop on Innovation.

- Devbroto Das
Very informative, got to see new gadgets.Will want to attend another session.

- Alton Lavin D'souza
The session has really inspired me. I was able to more brainstorm more ideas about hidden innovations. Being an MBA student, the session with Mr. Aditya Nair was a great experience. I learnt how to come up with an idea and how to express it.

- Dharmaraj
It was a good session for us. This was an interesting session and we got knowledge in innovation. I have some ideas, but I don’t know how to execute the ideas. I will try my best and need you support.

- A. Shimin Raj
It was a wonderful opportunity to attend this lecture on innovation. The innovation around me is really beautiful and I was surprised with the circular phone, futuristic airport, etc. Thank you Rocheston team.

- V. Manoj
This is my second session seminar and it was the best. Mr. Aditya Nair took an extra effort to give us innovative ideas. The presentation was fabulous and I liked his ideas. We got motivated to begin our own startups. I still wonder why we focus on innovation and not invention. I am interested to attend these seminars again.

- Sapne Kumari Pandey
I got inspired and enjoyed the session. I have learned a lot in the session and made me think innovatively.

- Pavithra K.L
The session was really innovative. The talk about “new game, new rule,” has inspired me. The idea of IoT and its applications in innovation was interesting. Thank you sir, for giving me an opportunity to think smarter and think bigger.

- Haphishisha Iongdhar
The session is very useful to develop your ideas and teaches how to implement it. I got to know more about Tesla car, Netflix, solar roof, etc.

- S. Sowmiya
I felt it was very useful. I realized that the world is larger than I thought. I also realized, I am capable of innovating and rethinking.

- L. Ancy Cipporoah
The ideas I have experienced cannot be expressed in words.

- B. Tharun Kumar
It is a wonderful session. I am sure that I will become a good inventor through this session.

- D. Harish
It was very useful to attend the seminar. We came to know many things about innovation. We have learned to succeed with our ideas in innovation.

- M. Ram Arvindar
“Go crazy with the idea, nothing is impossible. It will take time.” This inspired me.

- M. Jenith Raja
The session gave us a hands-on experience of many innovative products. It was really good. I was surprised to know about the technological developments.

- Brindha Bennit
It was an experience to know about new innovation in the country. The seminar created a change of mentality for implementing ideas.

- R Swathi Laxmi
I came to know about innovative gadgets. The great session opens up our mind to innovative ideas.

- S. Bharath
The session was very interesting and informative. I learnt my things, especially how to think innovative.

- K. Kowsalya
The session was interesting. Mr. Aditya gave us more information which I didn’t know. I was very moved after attending your session.

- N. Mohan
It was a very interesting and supercool session. Mr. Aditya took the session very thoughtfully and handled it well. Very informative.

- S. Sreevidhya
It was very interesting to know about innovation and helps us think innovatively. I was a great seminar.

- A. Periyasamy
The seminar was very useful for me because of the new innovations presented at the session. Aditya sir was an excellent tutor for this session.

- K.S Nishanth

Abirami Rajalingam, Assistant HR Manager, VR Careerz

Taking the RCCE program made me realize the actual meaning of “prevention is better than cure”. Irrespective of hierarchy, qualification and diversity, I highly recommend this class, which is very important to ensure that we are secured in this world of technology. I will be
looking forward to the upcoming modules and products of Rocheston.”

Hammad Hafizi Abdul Rahman

“My honest opinion of the RCCE program? It was fantastic! I don’t have any cybersecurity certification, however, I do have a passion for cybersecurity. Mr. Haja is an awesome the greatest cybersecurity instructor. Looking forward to attending the RCCE Level 2 training,”

Ir Tejinder Singh, CISSP, CEH, SMIEEE, MIEM, MIET, MEng

“I passed the RCCE exam. The class was a game changer as far as cybersecurity training is concerned. The Rocheston Rose OS was full of cybersecurity tools, has a collection of malware, vulnerable web applications and updated tooling. The course was replete with hands-on Labs that reinforced concepts taught in the class. Anyone looking for fundamental cybersecurity training, this is the one.”

Nabil Ahmad Zawawi,
Researcher/Lecturer, Universiti Tenaga Nasional

“Joining the five-day Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer course was an eye-opener and also an enriching experience. The delivery was a good balance of theory and a great deal of hands on lab task and exercises using Rocheston’s own Rosé operating system which contained a great deal of industry-standard tools and software. Furthermore, we were lucky to be trained by the man himself, Mr. Haja Mohideen! He shared his knowledge and skills based on his field experience and practice which adds to our learning experience. Thanks, Mr. Haja, and the Rocheston team! I will definitely recommend Rocheston as the go-to expert for Cybersecurity!”

Manuel Lopez,
President, Cyber Resilience Group

“Rocheston has the best curriculum in the cybersecurity industry today. I have taken their course and become an RCCE myself. Wow! The cutting-edge syllabus and the labs using Linux Rose OS is fantastic. We are happy to bring the RCCE programme to the veterans. They are looking for new, advanced and innovative training.”

I am K. Sowjanya, pursuing 3rd year B. tech at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad.

Thank you for addressing us and enlightening about the present world.

1. Four points that I learnt from your lecture:
Innovation doesn’t start with technology
Innovation doesn’t start with opportunity
Innovation doesn’t start with money in hand
Innovation doesn’t start with resources in hand

2.Your idea of circular phone, glass staircase wrist band, alarm clock was truly amazing.

3. Your lecture has totally changed my perspective about the current world.

4. The present world is at the verge of automation and at this pace technology can take us to a next level and may not be the end product.

5. The concept of ideation and sketching on a white paper was very motivating and uplifting our self-confidence.

6. Your lecture reduced the fear of expressing an idea but generated a fear of failure along with an urge to fulfil it.

We are really thankful to you for spending your valuable time for introducing us the present scenario of the world.

- Sowjanya Kaki

Noteworthy points from your session are:

1) Keep it simple

2) Your degree doesn't stop you from innovative thinking

3) Innovation doesn't need resources

4) Innovation doesn't need money

5) Think of the problem in why this hadn't been one.. like a different approach

6) Change Now or never policy

7) Do not follow the herd

8) If it is crazy, it will be disruptive

9) Never let an idea go ..even it is stupid.. someday someone will make millions of it

10) Do not build the walls for your brain and think in a broader way

I have watched that video on Intel glasses, I was wondering if it was the same video.
It has been a great experience listening to you sir!

Thank you!

- Krishnasai Yelugam

Sir, the session which you took on 21st Feb 2018 at SNIST was one of the best seminars I've attended so far. It was very enlightening and motivating. Your vision on latest technology and entrepreneurship, helped me realise at what high pace the world today is racing and that I have to cope with it. On the whole the seminar was "click...boom ....amazing."

Thank you for your words.

- Raghav Kothandaraman

Sir, I have attended your session on 21st Feb in my college and I am glad that I attended it. You were very resourceful in shaping my thinking and inspired me. I have learned that innovation can be made in many ways even in the most mundane things. Your insight was enlightening and it was just 'click boom amazing'.

I really thank you for the amazing session.

- Sathwik Rao

As a young entrepreneur, the CCIO training has shown me exactly what areas I have to concentrate, to diversify my thinking, and much more.

I look forward to taking up much-advanced courses from Rocheston in future.

I would appreciate Mr. Haja Mohideen and his entire team for the courses and wish them success.

Thank you.


I have been for several training so far. I have gone there with my own interest. It is not about the gadgets, the facilities you provided, although it gave a very pleasant training, It was the way you presented the class and the content. Especially the real time situations you gave solves most of the problems.

As a fresher to the startup, We learned a very essential knowledge which will fasten our growth.

Thank you very much for the class.

Also keep up the standard and culture what Rocheston follows

- Midhun Jyothis


I am really happy to be part of this training of Certified Chief Innovation Officer, held at Chennai. Having a great opportunity to attend the sessions of Mr. Haja Mohideen, it was so knowledgeable and interesting.

The training was a great kick booster for the start up entrepreneurs like us as it involved the glimpse all the steps required for an start up from innovating new ideas to launching the product and marketing. Completing the course and successfully passing the exam, we are really proud to be a Rocheston Certified Chief Innovation Engineer.

- Aashish U S

It was wonderful experience...unlike the boring lectures.. this training helped us in seeing the stuffs just infront..feeling the stuffs..the innovation.. the good videos.

And the speaker is such an inspirational guy

Thanks to Aditya Nair for being so informative.

N Aditya..sir your a perfect Gentle man.

Thank you

- Jayasudha R

This two day session was actually a bit of an eye opener as I got to know a bit more clarity about being creative. As Mr.Aditya said creativity is not a talent it cant be nurtured.

And got to look at a lot of awesomely cool gadgets and had a lot of fun interacting with the trainer. So fro sure after this session I believe even I can be lot more creative and innovative.

Thank You.


Excellent work done by aditya sir while training. improved a lot got confidence to create something new.

- mulla arif basha

The workshop was very intuitive into the world of innovation. It motivated me to create something new for a better tomorrow and also taught me to believe in my ideas.

The interactive flow of the workshop and the hands-on gadget experience were the best parts.I hope I can experience a workshop conducted by Aditya again sometime in the future.

- Sreyan Ghosh

Very useful and effective seminar.
Taught the importance of critical thinking thqn the traditional ideas

Importance of becoming smarter from the existing designs..

Very informative and interactive Sessions.

- Ruth Rufina.S

The workshop led by Mr. Aditya Nair was a great experience for management students like me. We got a new definition for innovation and a new outlook on it.

- M.K Akash

The session was really useful for us to think wider and also helped in instilling innovative ideas. I would like you to give us a way to put our ideas and thoughts into process.

- Anita Kumari Pandey

Sir, you said that if there is emotion in innovation, it could succeed. I have some ideas to develop in the communications field. Fishermen from Tamilnadu went missing because they couldn’t communicate with people, 60 miles from the sea. I want create something new for communications. I have started reading books on communications, but it is difficult to understand. I have now understood that we have to try without taking failures into account. I learned so much in this seminar and I also got some knowledge about IoT and Big Data.

- M. Gadsiya

It was a golden opportunity to attend this session. I was able to know more on future technologies. The session also thought me how to develop overselves and to believe in our dreams. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It would be great if you could guide on how to implement our ideas.

- R. Rishi

The session was very inspiring to me. It made me think out of the box. You have motivated me to think creatively and brainstorm innovative ideas. The session was amazing and was very useful for our career development. Aditya Nair sir is an inspiration for the new generation and we need more sessions on innovative ideas.

- Gounder Pavitra Raja

This seminar was really useful. I understood that each and every person has his own ideas. “Overcoming our fear” will lead a person to success in life.

- V. Swathi

This is a very interactive session and it was a nice opportunity to attend this session. We have got an idea about innovation and how to innovate.

- M. Saranya

The session made me understand what is meant by innovation. It helped understand the new products that were launched into the market. It also helped me understand the role of technology in each and every level.

- Aksa Thomas

It was an interesting session. I have an idea which is half done. I would like to know how to implement it.

- Sachin Swaminathan

Excellent session. Every day I get on new idea for the future, but I am not applying them. I will take the inputs on innovation to become an innovator in the future.

- G. Vediyappan

The seminar helped me improve my knowledge in technology. This session helps me think in a different way.

- Ancy Joshy

t was very motivating and made us think better.

- S. Sriram

It was a nice session. Will the world accept a civil engineer with an innovative idea?

- G. Keerthana

The session was very informative. Aditya sir clearly explained about innovation.

- A. Navaneethraj

Awesome session. I am having an idea and looking to implement it. IoT security can be explained to make the session more informative.

- R.V Parthasarathi

This seminar was useful to me for learning new information. The information triggered innovative ideas. Thanking you.

- M. Sharmila Devi

It was a wonderful opportunity for me. It was very helpful to create new ideas. Teaching us how to be innovative was really interesting. I got many ideas to be innovative in life. As a student, it helps me to develop better skills for the future.

- K. Karthi Keyan

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