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Rocheston Cybernetwork®

Rocheston' Cybernetwork® is a virtual labs platform accessed using a web browser. It is powered by Rocheston Rose operating system. You will run Linux, Windows 2016 and other IoT Software systems using the cloud. All you need is a web browser. It is that simple. Cybernetwork® also works with our e-learning Cyberclasss® platform. Smooth integration with complete digital anywhere, anytime 24/7 classroom environment.
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Cybernetwork® Subscriptions

Cybernetwork® access is based on subscription of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Please visit the store to purchase access.

Cybernetwork® provides Environment-as-a-service (EaaS) to enterprises, aimed at removing inefficiencies and limitations that companies face during their training lifecycles. This results in very efficient training and increased business value in return for the software investment.

Today’s enterprise is constantly challenged to develop, deliver and provide software and technical training to employees. Training attendees do not have the luxury to balance their work functions and schedule an entire day for their training schedule. Our customers use Cybernetwork® to manage, import and deploy, an online and distance learning environment that is required to create a self-paced education delivery method to resolve cost, location and personnel limitations.
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Cost Effective Solutions

Enterprise IT organizations maintain full outreach and cost control, while allowing development/test, training and sales demo teams to self-allocated labs, and copy and share complex environments across a range of global cloud regions seamlessly for a lasting boost in impetus.

Customers can build new applications in the cloud with Cybernetwork® EaaS and import existing virtualized applications without the need for recoding. Cybernetwork® is supported by modern web browsers, smartphones, Command Line Interface (CLI), REST-based API, or ALM tool (Jenkins, Visual Studio etc.)

Screenshots of Cybernetwork® Platform

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